Corporate Level Photography & Videography

Capture the life of your business with our corporate photo-shoots.


Corporate Environment

From business conferences, to project meetings. Offsites to team building events. Offices and workspace. We can capture those unique moments with both video and static photographs......

Here at shutterspeedmedia, we can cater for all of your corporate needs, be it from formal business in action photographs, to a laid back more  informal look and feel.

We are able to cater for both outdoors, or indoors . Whatever the mood required. If you require an on premises shoot, we can set up a small studio, tailoring to producing both dark background shots, or even a green screen shot where we can change the background in post production. Allowing for a lot more creatively in the final media produced.

Additionally, we can use your staffs personal workspace environment to provide a more natural feel.

Whether you need a simple corporate headshot or advertising campaign  for PR purposes, just get in touch and we can discuss what is right for you .

Pricing structure is dependent on the type of job you want us to carry out, complexity ( whereby we will require more equipment ) , deadline requirements, travel location . However, all of our quotes are free so why not get in touch , give us an idea as to what it is you require, and we will price a quote to suit.

Staff Portfolios

Your business is only as good as your staff . As such it is important to capture them at their best, after all , they are the ones who represent your brand. Why not hand over the responsibility of handling your staff portfolio photoshoots to shutterspeedmedia?

There are so many options to choose from when deciding on a company portfolio.......