Marketing Videography

Bring your product or service to your market through the power of Video media....[more]


As your partner, we have to completely understand what your business  objectives are. Familiarise ourselves with your target audience, Produce an overall strategy focusing on the correct viewing context unique to YOU.

Together, we create a storyboard to realise those needs through video.


Every video tells a story, and your marketing video is no different. We will turn our plan into a story board that in turn we will use to create an engaging and inspirational video media.

Our creative enthusiam will be reflected on your final product.


Once you have your media hit the market, its always nice to get a viral hit on your hands. It doesnt need to be a global success , just enough for your local market exposure

We will help you drive the traffic and get the return for your investment.

As we say throughout all our client conversations, it is very difficult to produce a definitive cost without understanding yout overall needs. However as a guidline a 1minutes to 2minute marketing video would cost in the region of  500 upwards.  Dependent on style, scope and production services required.