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4 Reasons you should hire a professional photographer

There was a time when cameras fell out of favor with everyone and nobody took any photographs. Photo developers went out of business, and nobody took very many photos any more. That was, until smart phones and digital imagery arrived. Now , thanks to social media, everyone is taking photographs and sharing them . This means that competition to create great images that stand out is huge.

It also means that a lot of photos have short life spans. People live in the here and now and have nothing to look back on . Photographs are for the moment, and then discarded.

It is so important that we have photographs to remember us as how we were. Gone are the days when people used to get the old photos out and look at them. People very rarely upload their photos from their smart phones and store for keep sake.

So why should I employ a photographer when I have a camera with me every time I put your phone in my pocket ?

And. Since the cameras take pretty good photographs due to advances in technology, why would you employ someone else to do something that seems pretty straight forward ? Right ?

Well here are a few reasons why getting a photographer is the best move you will make for either getting your product noticed or capturing you and your loved ones at their best.


1. Equipment

Yes, you have a great smart phone, But its a smart phone . Not a camera. As photographers we easily pay double, three times the value of a high end smart phone , for a single lens. Yes a single lens. And that is why an image taken with a good quality lens just stands out against inferior equipment . Immediately you can see the difference between a phone image and one taken using a high level camera and lens.

As smart phone cameras get more advanced , so do actual camera technology.

Photographers have flash guns , reflectors, softboxes, backdrops, tripods ( the list is endless ). This lets them get things absolutely perfect in their shots. I think it fair to assume that most people just don't carry around light meters and remote triggers as part of their holiday camera set up. A photographer usually does. They have everything they need to cope with any lighting condition. Too light, Too dark. No problem. The equipment that's available to them will cope with nearly everything ( though there are times when it can still be tough. Speaking from experience ).

2. Seeing that perfect shot

portrait photograph of baby
photograph of young baby in awe

As photographers we spend our lives seeing the world differently from others. Seeing things through various angles and lighting conditions. This is what we do. A bit obsessive I know, but we just have an eye for that shot. The shot that will show you and your products at their best.

This is a skill and its why you ask for your photos to be taken by a professional. Its something that each photographer has either naturally, or a skill they have learned and honed over years of experience and practice.

Take a photo and ask a photographer to give a critique and they will highlight things that you just would not notice, but which seem so obvious when they are pointed out to you .

photograph of food with nice bokeh effect
photograph of burger with fries on a wooden table

For example , this photograph was taken for one of our clients to advertise part of their menu offerings. This was taken with 3 soft boxes, the camera on a tripod , and the shot was taken with a lens which produced the nice blurred effect in the background ( bokeh as we call it ) . Finally there was post production carried out to ensure that the colours were vibrant. Not something that was snapped in a few seconds.

3. Technical Know how

Its all very well taking that great shot , but getting it from your camera to the final rendered media requires knowledge of post production techniques, to alter not only the jpg image but the large RAW camera images that every photographer works with.

Photographers also tend to takes photographs that look very flat , however this is to ensure that enhancements can be made in Post production. This gives complete control over all aspects of the image. Saturation, exposure, contrast. Something that most people will not spend time on.

photograph showing green screen technique
green screen super hero onto building

Here is post production at its extreme where we were asked by a client to place their characters into various scenes. We used a portable green screen to take the photographs, with various lights to get what we needed. We then used post production selection and light blending techniques to produce the final image

4. Quality of delivered media

You wouldn't dream of taking photographs for a magazine or a wedding without employing a professional photographer. Have you ever been to a wedding and the photographer is using a smart phone ? I would guess the answer is a No . Why is this you may ask ? Simple. Quality of the delivered images.

Photographer images can be enlarged to ridiculous sizes, placed into magazines, whown on web sites, viewed on tv screens, monitors , cinema screens, whereas most smart phone and low end camera images ?........ I will say no more.

So Is it worth it ?

Yes, If you as a business look upon yourself as professional and want to convey this to your clients and customers, you want to have the best quality images possible.

For example. If you are a restaurant producing photos and beautifully looking dishes, and have poorly produced images, you just are not getting any customers. First impressions really do count.

Hiring professional photographers, such as ourselves will keep you at best , ahead of your competition. We can only assume that you never want to be behind your competitors. If someone has decided between you and your competitor on a short list, it will come down to many factors, one being the images that convey your services.

There you have it, our top 4 reasons for hiring a professions photographer-videographer . We hope we we have convinced you that indeed a photographer is the best course of action.

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