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Corporate Photography and the obligatory headshots portfolio

Branding your business is so important in these days of multi media , and as such you must endeavour to but forth to your customer base, a consistent look and feel from your staff.

After all, there is no point in having one managers headshot whereby they are suited, shirt and tie etc but you have another staff member with T short and baseball cap. Consistency , consistency. Its so important.

But , lets stop it there. Before you go ahead and decide that everyone will be formally dressed , with just the hint of a fake small. Lets think.

Does this set of images allow my customers to make a connection to my business ?

How do you do this ? Firstly , we can try to avoid those boring pose's that you see on most corporate web sites. We all know what we are talking about here. Arms crossed, side view , fake smile , blurred background. Everyone has them.

Does this look a natural shot ?

But , if thats what you want to convery or more importantly NEED to convey then go ahead ? Maybe I'm being unfair here. After all, there are some types of professionals where this is actually very appropriate . Its what we would expect to see ( such as banking , solicitors, accountancy etc. ) These professions really need to give out the message of professionalism I would think?

However, this is not the case for so many other businesses and those providing services. They want a more laid back and approachable feel to photographs and video. And now, coupled with all of the possibilities of photo equipment, lenses, and post processing, it is entirely possible to add a more modern edge to any type of photo. Just to give it that more of a human feel.

And, if you decide on one media company to cover your entire organisation, you will end up with consistency. Everything just looks and feels the same. You will convey to the outside world, a message of cohesiveness within the business , and just an overall good impression as to your internal management and overall organisation.

So , if you are thinking of showing yourself and your staff on the internet, and letting your customers put a human face to the brand, then think about your styling, your setting ( backgrounds, lighting ), personal presentation, and the media company you choose. Will they too have the vibrancy and enthusiasm to put that effort into your media ?

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