• shutterspeedmedia team

Creating the right strategy for Marketing video.

The bottom line to marketing through video is this,

The better the video marketing strategy, the better the returns.

Moving from static advertising into the world of online video marketing can be an exiting endeavour. Get it right and you have the potential to capture a much larger customer base, by making yourself more visible on the web, and, making yourself much more tangible to those customers. They can now see you and your products/services as more that static images.

Sounds great doesnt it ? well, hold on a minute. Do you have a strategy ? You need to have a strategy. Having one, and it will surely go a long way in making your campaign a complete success. Without one and even the best media companies have to conjure up their own idea as to what it is you are trying to convey. And this is doomed to fail. It is guarenteed that you will not be happy with the end result.

So whats a strategy I hear you ask ? Well its purely a list of what your aims are, how you will realise these through video, and then how we will measure the results of following this strategy. Its all about making sure that your video is completely aligned with the rest of your business products or services.

Before your media company such as shutterspeedmedia get involved , you have to sit down, and detail what areas of your product or service you want to emphasise to your customers. What is it that makes your product better than the competition. Dont be scared to say you are the best, after all in your eyes, your products and services ARE the best. But, always ensure that you can back this up by showing why this is the case. You must capture these important points and highlight within your video.

As your media company, we will ask you questions as to what your USP ( Unique selling point ) actually is. We will then try and guage a look and feel for your video. One that fits into your company brand.

From here we will detail a few story boards to walk through with you, and after a few iterations, we will have something that you feel will ideally represent your aims.

This is what we work to . This is our constraint, our guidelines from which to shoot the video.

Once we have this approved , we are ready to move onto the shoot. Capturing your product and services.

Now you know what it is we need before we shoot a video. Once you have this clear in your mind, you are ready to get in touch with us.