• shutterspeedmedia team

How we got from Green screen to finished product.

Here at shutter speed we have had a lot of fun working with wishuponastar entertainment. They have staff who just love what they do and live the characters that they enact. We just couldnt believe the professionalism that they displayed and how at ease they were with the camera.

The photoshoot

We were asked to carry out a photoshoot with the intent of taking the model and compositing them into various fantasy scenes. So, we took along a small green screen set up , since we were restricted for space. However we also packed the blue screen, white screen and black screen , just in case . You never know what you will encounter on a photoshoot. And we were glad we did.

From Model to superhero

We were really pleased with the female shoot , where we took photos of characters dressed as various well known princesses, however we had a lot of fun with the the Wonder Woman character. Trying various angles and lighting. Here is a shot showing before and after , which was taken on top of step ladders.

The effect was achieved by using various brushes for the smoke effect , and also a graduated black background image . We also added in the shield which started as an image of a toy wonder woman shield , and also the sword, again a toy replica photo. These were enhanced using a lot of dodging and burning .

The lasso or whip, had a glow added with various blend modes. Finally the whole character had frequency separation applied to the skin, and again dodge and burn techniques on the various armour. This gave us an acceptable final result.

What did we use

All of the shots were taken using a variety of lenses and cameras. We particular like the 50mm lens on our Sony which was used for all the closeups. We then used our 12mm wide angle on our Panasonic cameras for all wide shots . And we still struggled with space.

We had 2 softboxes mounted left and right , with the left slightly forward to get some light casting from the front.

This set up , with a couple of LED lights for set up, seemed to give us everything we needed .

We also used our reflector , either silver or gold , to get some bounce of light under the character . Not too much as we wanted the light coming from the right hand side.

Another character that we added in some "extras" on post production was Merida from Brave. We decided to add her into a forest theme so, we asked the model to imagine she was firing a bow.

When we got the images uploaded, we carried out our magic in post production, adding an arrow, Bow, belt and quiver. We then used various techniques to balance the colours to blend in with the rest of the scenary and finally we did the usual didging and burning to enhance the image further. As a finishing touch , there is a gradien map blended to overlay , to make the colours pop,.

Although not perfect , we achieved a pretty reasonable result.

The client was more than happy with the images and we are looking forward to doing more of the images with wishuponastar . Have a look at their web site if you are interested in seeing some more of out work.

Who said photography isnt fun ?!!! we had a blast working with these guys.