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How much will it cost to Video an Event ?

“Hi, I have an event within the next few weeks . Can you tell me how much it would cost to produce a video ?"

This is a standard type of request that we tend to receive. However , every event is unique , as are your video requirements. There are no two events where we have videoed the same shot twice. Everything is different. Venue, the events that happen during the day, the people, the lighting etc. Its just not possible to provide a set price and then carry out a standard edit in post production. Its just not an exact science. Nor shoudl it be. After all, we want your video to capture your special event , highlighting the things that happended during its time period. It shouldnt look just "like any another video".

But , we do understand that you really need a rough idea of a "ball park price". The goldillock price as we call it. Not too much for your budget and not too little that you are un happy with the final results. We know that maybe when you contact us , you dont quite know all of the event information for us to provide that detailed quote you are looking for. Event videos can vary widely in cost but as a rough guide tend to start at around £800 and go up from there depending on complexity and time involved.

To understand were the costs are calculated , ask yourself the following :

1. Where is the event and how long will it last ?

Obviously the first thing that we need to know and the one thing that will have the greatest impact on the overall price. When and where the event is taking place. Our pricing is dependent on location and number of hours/days/nights filming required, whether it’s during the week or at a weekend, and accessibility to the event location.

2. What exactly do you need to film?

This will depend on the type of event involved. Lets have a quick look at each of most popular events we have come across : Conferences, awards ceremonies, product demos , family birthday parties, high school musicals.

Each of the types of events above require different various types of equipment, number of camera operators etc. You may even require us to carry out interviews which again demand a different set of kit. Or, you may only require us to film the event in a more candid manner, capturing things more naturaly, Again this requires a more portable set of equipment.

3. What video deliverables do you require?

Shutterspeedmedia specialise more in short 2-3 minute footage-based promotional videos, deliverable for social media. These are faster for us to turn around than long 30 minutes conference events. The length of time, and the effects and style of editing within post production all will affect your overall price.

4. What is your budget ?

Given that today , you can produce a simple video, to a full Hollywood production with endless post production possibilities, it is sometimes easier to let us know your overall budget and we can then detail what what can be achieved.

We would suggest that you get in touch, with no obligation , and discuss what it is you require, then let us get a detailed quote back to you and from here we can tailor to fit your pocket.

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