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Minimise your cost by combining your Video and Photography supplier

Organising your event is something that involves a lot of people, and organisation. Having a single media company such as ourselves at Shutterspeedmedia to handle the filming and also your stills photography is the most sensible solution for you on so many levels.

someone burning money
Dont just burn your hard earned cash. Combine your photographer and videographer

For one , we all work well together. Sounds obvious I know, but its a fact that videographers and photographers dont play well together as they are both trying to achieve the best results that they can. And really, they dont care much about each others results. Having a single supplier , you dont have this friction during your event.

Another reason to have a single supplier, is that we can share photographs and video stills if required . We cant capture everything but with both options, all of the media staff working to the same result, we have more chance of capturing whats important.

And from the media companies standpoint, there is a sharing of equipment , rather than having 2 sets of lighting , tripods etc. All which can take up space and cause clutter within your event.

But what does this mean for you ?

Well most production companies offer a discount for combi-packages . Discounts are always a good thing.

Additionally, for you as the person organising the event, you have a single production coordinator, saving you time by avoiding multiple briefings to the videographer and then the photographer.

Further cost savings can be applied due to the way that recent camera technology is blurring the lines between these related disciplines. To shoot a modern event video it’s often appropriate to use the an DSLR thats also used by the photographer . Yes you can use video cameras for various wide shots , and long duration shots ( and sometimes the video camera is the better option ). But the DSLR cameras provide those amazing close up and blurred shots you take for granted when watching your favourite tv shows.

From the media company standpoint, we now have multi tasked operators. Being able to take the video and the photograph. Thus only 1 person vs 2 if you employ a separate photographer. This equates yet again to cost savings.

Although Videography and photography are different skills, and here at shutterspeed we do have experts in each, ( and we tend to have those experts as the project leads for the specific discipline) , our staff are able to operate in both environments.

So how does this transpose to the bottom line, the cost to you as a client ? Well you can realistically look at a good 15-20% saving in monetory terms by coordinating both teams through the one media company and that’s likely to make a significant saving, plus you are more likely to get a consistent, and possibly better quality result from your video and still shots.

Maybe you have a preference for a specific photographer or videographer , but if you are on a tight budget, its worth thinking about getting a single supplier for your next event. One such company is shutterspeedmedia , who are able to supply website design, coupled with videography and photography. Why not get in touch. ?