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The steps involved in creating a web site for you

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we can create you a web site to meet your branding needs.

You have your business, you have your social media. You may even have your domain name. But you dont have a shop window for the world to see. And you have ended up looking at Shutterspeed media to provide you with your top notch , all singing all dancing web site.

The good news in that not only can we author your web site , but we can provide you with your own custom photos and product video. Not just the usual "copied from the web" or "bought from shutterstock" . These are your images , of you , your business and your products. These will show your customers the real you , a face behind the business.

We can even compose you a soundtrack for your video. Again, copyright owned by you.

Why do we provide so many services ?

It all comes down to branding consistency. From your business cards, your logo, your attire. And finally your web site. They all have to have the same look and feel. As soon as you start to incorporate images and media from other sites on the internet, the branding is impacted.

Based on your brand we know how to tailor your photographs and video to enhance you and your product .This is because we have worked closely on the whole journey to deliver your web site.

With us, you don't have to employ a separate photographer, or video company. We can do it all.

No other Glasgow based company can provide you this complete package.

Understanding you and your business

The first step that we take here at shutterspeedmedia is to understand who you are and what you are all about. We will meet with you to thoroughly learn how you do business and what your target client base is all about.

We have to understand how you think, to correctly produce something that you will be happy with . As such we have to know you and your business as though we were part of it.

From the Initial concept

From our first meet with you , We will know your brand, What colors will convey that brand and what what type of feel the web site should have?

Confused ? Well it comes down to questions such as . Do you want to have your site more weighted towards images and photos or do you want to be more wordy, more textual based. Do you already have a logo ? ( don't worry we can also help by designing you a bespoke logo that belongs to you ). Do you need to have an online booking system ? Do you need a database to sell your products ? . The list of features that we provide is extremely extensive , and by the time we have finished our first meeting, we will have a great understanding of you , and your business.

From all of this , we will produce a concept for you to review at your leisure , before moving to next phase. This is all done online so that you can discuss with your business partners and team . However if you wish to have us their as part of your discussion, again , this is no problem. We would only be too happy.

It is important to stress that this initial meet and concept puts you under no obligation.

I already have a web site active but want to replace.

Shutterspeedmedia will handle the transfer of the domain to the new environment. We have done this many times and it has always been a seamless transition for our customers.

Approval of the concept

Once the initial concept is put together, there is a good chance that you will need a photo shoot to ensure that the images used on the site are actually of you and your business. ( we will use stock images and place holders on the site at this time. This allows us to understand what we actually need from the shoot )

We find that having the initial concept approach is great for customers as they can instantly give us feedback. All to often we find that customers don't know what they want, but they know what they don't want.

Promotional video

Due to the rise in social media people expect to be able to see a video of you and your business. Not just photographs. It has just become the norm . To increase your online presence we would recommend you have a small 1-2 minute video that shows off your services to their greatest potential to clients.

Iterative process

From your feedback we will carry out more mods. And again seek your feedback. And, once you are happy........

And finally. Go live.

You are online, but hold on. Nobody can see you . That's the problem with the internet . Nobody is going to come running to you and say "Wow , Love your new web site. Can I buy your product".

Shutterspeed media will start pushing your website in terms of search engine optimization, and make sure that you can be found. The amount of SEO will incur a cost each month.

How to I integrate my existing mail and social media. ?

Dont worry. We will take care of this. Links to other sites, your email contact etc will all be handled by us.

Ongoing contract with shutterspeed media

You as a business don't have time to manage and maintain web sites. That's what we are here for. So , to keep your site fresh, with new photos, deals, products, and any modifications. Shutterspeed have a monthly contract you will pay a base maintenance fee , but can decide on either having free modifications as part of your contract, or pay on a case by case basis.

Each of our customers have different needs, such

1. Do I need a lot of changes per month

2. Do I need to keep my products up to date.

3. Do I need to maintain a customer database.

All of these will be calculated into your maintenance costs. Get in touch today to get a quote.